Blockchain tutorial -part 2 (Blockchain on Grails)

I did a blockchain on grails example to learn up Grails. Excuse the poor UI as this is my first time doing Grails. It will allow to store document hash reviewed and review comments on blockchain and able to retrieve the details from your blockchain using the get details page in Grails even after it’s been deleted. Run it and have fun.

Download the pack here.

Steps to install:-

1. Install grails and geth on windows from and

2. Unpack my zip file.
3. Run your node. Go to bcnetwork folder in the unzipped folders and run geth using command :

geth –rpc console –datadir “miner2” –networkid 55555 –rpcaddr “localhost” –rpccorsdomain “*” -rpcport 22000 –rpcapi “web3,net,personal,eth” attach
4. Start miner in console by running:
5. Run grails. Open another terminal. Change folder to BCReview and run grails app.

cd BCReview
grails run-app

6. Open http://localhost:8080
7. Have fun with your reviews.

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